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“There’s no place like home.”

― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

A home gives us a feeling of security and is the start of a journey to improving our families’ lives. Many of us dream of home ownership but sadly not everyone can achieve it. Sometimes we have to put up with intrusive landlords, and sometimes we have to put up with landlords who can’t (or won’t) return any calls. Urban Home Loans Brisbane aims to end the rent cycle by providing our clients with the best credit advice and home loan opportunities.

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These days it’s easy to see who’s offering the best rates by using a comparison site. The real challenge is finding a real person who understands your unique situation, what you want to achieve (such as buying your first home), and how to get it done. Our Lending Manager, Dale Heremaia, is Brisbane’s premier mortgage broker and leads Urban Home Loans’ expert mortgage brokerage team.

As the best mortgage brokers, we ensure that your journey ends in a happy result by providing you with honest, transparent, and accurate advice on home loans. You will receive an upfront comprehensive assessment on the likelihood of achieving your goals in your current situation. If we can’t help you, whether that is with first home buyer loans, debt consolidation, or investment purchases, we will tell you exactly why.

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Can you renounce your body corporate?

What is asceticism? Asceticism, pronounced a-set-e-cism, is the practice of renouncing all earthly possessions. It is most commonly seen in practice by Buddhist monks as a form of self-discipline to reflect their resolve. What does that have to do with property and finance? Not all possessions can be disposed of so easily. If you own a townhouse or apartment, you will usually have a commitment to pay your body corporate levy every quarter. What happens when a monk walks away from a half-million dollar Sydney apartment? Law Siek Hong, a Malaysian born-again monk, renounced his ownership of 72/3-5 Darley Street in Darlinghurst and disappeared leaving no trail to follow. The

Lender Downgrade: Commonwealth Bank

Concerns regarding Commonwealth Bank home and investment loans have been increasing since the beginning of the financial year. There have been three major issues that directly affect our ability to recommend Commonwealth Bank to our new and returning clients. Issue 1 – Product switches wait times up to six months Investors with interest only loans that wish to extend their interest only term are being met with wait times of up to six months. For many clients, the increased wait time dramatically affects their cash-flow and the profitability of their investment properties. If your interest only term will expire in the next two months, we recommend contacting us to organise an alternative to Commonwealth

Mortgage rates set to rise to 7%

John Edwards, former member of the RBA, has predicted that the RBA will attempt to achieve a cash rate of 3.5% over the next two years. He states that eight increases of .25% in 2018 and 2019 are a distinct possibility. Mr Edwards explained that the RBA: “would think of a sustainable or natural policy rate as at least 3.5 per cent and, most importantly, it will want the policy rate increase to match the forecast improvement in Australia’s economy performance, so it will want to be at 3.5 per cent (at least) by the end of 2019”. We think that while a 2 percent increase over the next two years may be

Caojiawan, the station that opens to the middle of nowhere.

Your typical Australian train station is surrounded by a crowded Park 'n' Ride, skateboarders grinding on rails, and 9-5ers keen to end their commute and get back to their families. It’s a busy place and no one wants to stay there for longer than they have to. The same goes for most cities around the world, however on the outskirts of Chongqing in China, things are a bit different. Caojiawan station has earned the nickname “the loneliest station in the world”. When departing your train, you are met with the typical subway-style architecture found in most stations. However, after climbing the stairs to the exit, all sign of civilisation disappears. The seemingly abandoned station





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