Happy Home Owners

Clever people who followed Dale’s plans

    Marc and Amanda Springfield Lakes
    A bigger deposit often means a stronger application. Marc and Amanda found their dream home but were having difficulty arranging finance themselves. With our assistance Marc and Amanda are proud new homeowners.
    Ben Mount Cotton
    Ben just saved $50,000 thanks to our team on his recently purchased property. Want to save like Ben? Give us a call!
    Chris Logan Reserve
    It's not easy being a professional and juggling multiple rental properties. Chris can attest to that. We helped Chris maximize his portfolio's profitability and minimise the amount of interest he pays.
    TJ Park Ridge
    TJ started his journey to home ownership with multiple debts and zero savings. We were able to help TJ purchase his own home without waiting years to save a deposit and he is now a happy homeowner.
    Zane Carseldine
    Zane approached us worrying he might be paying too much on his home loan and that his bank wasn't giving him the best. We helped him get a loan with a low interest rate, saving him thousands of dollars in the short term, and tens of thousands of dollars over the life of his loan.
    Robyn New Farm
    Age shouldn't stop your dreams of home ownership. We helped Robyn purchase a home after other banks would not consider her because of her age.
    Julie and Paul Heritage Park
    Julie and Peter wanted a relaxing life after retiring which meant not spending more than they need to on their loans. We helped them find the perfect loan with a low interest rate giving them the peace of mind they wanted.
    Dorothy and John Aspley
    One of the biggest costs when buying a home with a small deposit is Lender's Mortgage Insurance. We helped Dorothy and John minimise how much insurance they needed to pay. In fact, our process saved them more than $10,000!
    Debra and Richard Bracalba
    Debra and Richard had their eye on a the home of their dreams, however they had no deposit. rather than miss our on their dream home, we helped them purchase a home without the need to save their deposit.
    Brenton and Sharni Heritage Park
    Don't let a cycle of debt control your life! Brenton and Sharni thought that they were caught in the debt trap. However, after our assistance, they now make smaller repayments and are left with enough money for a deposit for their very own property!

Find out how first home buyers are buying a home with out saving a deposit

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Be an informed first home buyer with all the information

Find out how first home buyers are buying a home with out saving a deposit

First Home Buyer Experts

The team at Urban are finance experts who specialise in helping first home buyers. Under the watchful eye of our Lending Manager, Dale, we make sure that all our clients are in the best possible position to become first home owners. We do this through a combination of special access to first home lenders, applying for first home owner grants (FHOG), and assessing your individual needs and objectives. This could be by organizing a no deposit home loan, borrowing a deposit to buy your home, and securing a traditional home loan. Whatever your situation, we want to see if we can help.

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