House prices in capital cities have been growing by the price of hundreds of ‘smashed avocados’ every day in the past 12 months

avocados have ranked property price growth across suburbs in each of Australia’s capital cities according to a ‘Smashed Avocado Index’. The index came about when social influencer, Bernard Salt, wrote a column suggesting that young people can’t afford home because they are spending their money on “smashed avocado with crumbled feta on five-grain toasted bread at $22 a pop and more”.

The purchase of a unit in Point Piper would have experienced capital growth of $950,000 during the past 12 months, the highest gain of any suburb in Australia. That is 43,182 smashed avocados per year, 3,598 per month, or 830 per week!

The Smashed Avacado Index ranks suburbs on a daily avocado gain, here is each states’ biggest avocado lover:

NSW – Point Piper = 118 avocados

QLD – Teneriffe = 53 avocados

VIC – Hawthorn = 50 avocados

ACT – Forrest = 49 avocados

WA – Swanbourne = 39

SA – Netherby = 33 avocados

TAS – Hawley Beach = 19 avocados

NT – Cossack = 17 avocados