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In Australia, the average mortgage has a lifetime of 30 years. A lot can change in such a long time.

Thirty years ago, Brisbane’s Gateway Bridge was opened, becoming the world’s longest pre-stressed concrete bridge. Now, China’s Shibanpo Bridge claims that title.

Thirty years ago, Pixar first opened its doors in California. Now, it is a multi-billion dollar company and has created some of the most popular, critically acclaimed, and highest grossing films in history: Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Inside Out.

Thirty years ago, the original rendition of popular video game, Tetris, was released. Today, Tertris has a cult following with championships held in Australia and all over the world.

Home Loans Brisbane

Our society changes and our world evolves. So do our personal circumstances. Why wouldn’t our finances do the same?

Home loans in Brisbane are at a record low, the lowest they have been 50 years. New lenders and new products have taken the market by storm. Urban Home Loans can help you find a better, more competitive home loan by refinancing your old and out of date home loan.

There are four significant benefits to refinancing.

1.  A lower interest rate

Interest rates are fickle. Lock in a low interest rate now to ensure that you aren’t affected by any dramatic rises, should they occur.

2. You save money (now, and in the future)

By securing a lower interest rate, you will pay less per month and over the term of the loan. Smaller repayments mean that you get more bang for your buck.

3. Shorten the length of your loan

Refinancing gives you an opportunity to re-negotiate your loan. You may now be in position where you can pay off your home loan more quickly.

4. Restructure and consolidate debt

Take advantage of low interest rates and combine personal loans and credit card repayments with your home loan. This will simplify your debt, you only need to make a single easy repayment every month. An Urban Home Loans expert can help you decide consolidation is right for you.

Urban Home Loans can help ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. We are committed to finding you the best home loan, both now and in the future.

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