It’s quite common to become weighed down by the financial burden of the Christmas holidays after having to pay for presents, Christmas lunch or dinner, parties and school holiday activities. Don’t let the pressure of mounting debt get you down. If you’ve maxed out your credit cards and need a way to pay off your debt without incurring heavy interest, a debt consolidation loan is the answer. There is a vast range of debt consolidation loans available with different terms and conditions, so you’ll be able to find the right loan to suit your financial situation.

Combining debt consolidation with your home loan

If you have a home loan you can save money by consolidating your credit card debt with your home loan. With much lower interests rates than your credit cards, you will save yourself paying an excessive amount of interest while getting rid of your additional debt.

General debt consolidation loans

There is also a wide selection of general debt consolidation loans available if you don’t have a home loan and want to pay less interest on your credit card debt. Depending on the term of your debt consolidation loan, the interest rate you’ll pay varies, although it will always be a cheaper option than your credit card interest rates.

Flexible terms and conditions with debt consolidation loans

Whatever your debt consolidation needs you will be able to find a loan available to suit. With flexible terms, competitive interest rates and a simple fee structure, a debt consolidation loan will immediately remove your financial stress, by enabling you to pay off your debt over a term and at a rate you can afford.

If you’re interested in a debt consolidation loan and want to discover more about the products we currently have available on the market, contact us today. We will take the time to find the ideal loan to accommodate your debt consolidation needs. You can also send us an email if you have any further queries you’d like answered and someone from our friendly team will respond to your query as soon as possible.