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Australian Credit Licence Number: 507007

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Post: PO Box 10533 Brisbane QLD 4000

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About this Guide

This document provides information about the services we provide. We ​are ​licensed ​to ​provide ​credit assistance ​under ​the National ​Consumer ​Credit ​Protection ​Act ​2009 ​(Cth) ​(NCCP​ ​Act​).

We provide ‘credit assistance’ when we:

– suggest ​or ​assist ​you ​to ​apply ​for ​a ​particular ​credit ​contract ​with ​a ​financier; ​and/or,

– suggest ​or ​assist ​you ​to ​apply ​for ​an ​increase ​to ​an ​existing ​credit ​contract ​with ​a ​financier; ​and/or,

– suggest ​you ​remain ​in ​a ​particular ​credit ​contract ​with ​a ​

This guide will tell you about:

– who ​we ​are; and,

– how ​you ​can ​contact ​us; and,

– the ​services ​we ​provide; and, how ​we ​assess ​suitability; and,

– fees ​payable ​by ​you ​and ​commission ​received ​by ​us; ​and,

– what ​to ​do ​if ​you ​are ​unhappy ​with ​us ​or ​our ​products

Suitability Assessment

Under ​the NCCP ​Act, ​we ​are ​obliged ​to ​ensure ​that ​any ​credit ​product ​or ​any ​limit ​increase ​we ​recommend and ​arrange ​is ​not ​unsuitable ​for ​you. ​To ​help ​us ​make ​sure ​we ​do ​not ​offer ​you ​something ​that ​is unsuitable, ​we ​will ​ask ​you ​some ​questions ​so ​we ​can ​make ​a ​ Preliminary ​Assessment, ​for ​example:

– details ​of ​your ​financial ​and ​personal ​situation; and,

– information ​about ​your ​requirements ​and ​objectives; ​and,

– your ​ability ​to ​repay ​the ​loan ​that ​you ​are ​considering

We ​will ​then ​verify ​the ​information ​you ​provided ​and ​make ​a ​Preliminary ​Assessment. ​ We ​must ​find ​a credit ​product ​or ​limit ​increase ​unsuitable ​for ​you ​if:

– you ​will ​be ​unable ​to ​meet ​your ​financial ​commitments ​under ​the ​contract ​without ​substantial hardship; ​or,

– the contract ​will ​not ​meet ​your ​requirements ​and ​objectives

It ​is ​therefore ​very ​important ​that ​the ​information ​you ​provide ​us ​is ​accurate. ​Even ​if ​we ​recommend ​any credit ​product ​to ​you, ​it ​is ​important ​that ​you ​consider ​whether ​the ​product ​will ​be ​right ​for ​you ​and ​whether you ​are ​comfortable ​that ​you ​will ​be ​able ​to ​meet ​your ​commitments ​under ​the ​contract.

If ​we ​assist ​you ​into ​a ​credit ​contract ​or ​limit ​increase, ​you ​can ​ask ​us ​for ​a ​copy ​of ​your ​Preliminary ​Assessment. We ​must ​give ​you ​a ​copy ​of ​it ​within ​seven ​(7) ​days ​if ​the ​request ​is ​within ​the ​first ​two ​(2) ​years ​post completion ​of ​the ​document, ​or ​within ​21 ​days ​if ​the ​request ​is ​after ​two ​(2) ​years ​but ​before ​seven ​(7) years ​after ​it ​has ​been ​prepared. ​There ​is ​no ​charge ​for ​requesting ​or ​receiving ​a ​copy ​of ​the ​Preliminary Assessment.


We source finance from a variety of lenders. Our most commonly used lenders are:

– Eden Capital

– ME Bank


– Westpac

– Better Mortgage Management


Commissions received by us

We ​may ​receive ​upfront ​and ​ongoing ​trail ​commission ​from ​the lenders ​who ​provide ​credit ​to ​you. ​These are not payable by you. Further ​details ​of ​the ​commission ​earned ​by ​us will ​be ​set ​out ​in your ​Credit ​Proposal ​Disclosure ​Document. ​We ​do ​not ​receive ​any ​volume ​based ​commissions ​from ​financiers. Our employees do not receive any sales commissions.

Commissions paid by us to third parties

If ​you ​were ​introduced ​to ​us ​by ​a ​third ​party ​referrer, ​we may ​pay ​that ​referrer ​a ​fee ​for ​the ​introduction, ​or ​they ​may ​receive ​a ​portion ​of ​the ​commission ​paid ​to us. ​This ​commission ​percentage ​will ​be ​detailed ​in your ​Credit ​Proposal ​Disclosure ​Document ​and ​is ​not payable ​by ​you.

Fees payable by you to us

Any fees payable by you to us will be detailed in your Credit Proposal Disclosure Document. You may be liable for other consultation fees that are not covered under this credit guide or the NCCP Act.

Fees payable by you to lenders

Any reasonably estimable fees payable by you to lenders will be detailed in your Credit Proposal Disclosure Document.


Step 1 – Internal Dispute Resolution

If you have a complaint, please raise it as soon as practicable with us by email on documents@urbanhomeloans.com.au. The maximum timeframe in which we will provide a written response to you is 45 days.

Step 2 – External Dispute Resolution

If we cannot satisfy your concerns, you can contact our ASIC-approved External Dispute Resolution Scheme, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA):

Phone: 1800 931 678

Email: info@afc.org.au

Post: GPO Box 3 Melbourne VIC 3001

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