“There’s no place like home.”

― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

A home gives us a feeling of security and is the start of a journey to improving our families’ lives. Many of us dream of home ownership but sadly not everyone can achieve it. Sometimes we have to put up with intrusive landlords, and sometimes we have to put up with landlords who can’t (or won’t) return any calls. Urban Home Loans Brisbane aims to end the rent cycle by providing our clients with the best credit advice and home loan opportunities.

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These days it’s easy to see who’s offering the best rates by using a comparison site. The real challenge is finding a real person who understands your unique situation, what you want to achieve (such as buying your first home), and how to get it done. Our Lending Manager, Dale Heremaia, is Brisbane’s premier mortgage broker and leads Urban Home Loans’ expert mortgage brokerage team.

As the best mortgage brokers, we ensure that your journey ends in a happy result by providing you with honest, transparent, and accurate advice on home loans. You will receive an upfront comprehensive assessment on the likelihood of achieving your goals in your current situation. If we can’t help you, whether that is with first home buyer loans, debt consolidation, or investment purchases, we will tell you exactly why.

See our happy clients below and speak to us to join them on the pathway to home ownership.

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